logoprovea_rect(Caracas-February, 24, 2014) In front to the call made by the President Nicolas Maduro to make a “National conference of Peace” next Wednesday 26th February, The Venezuelan Program of Education-Action in Human Rights wants to communicate to different authorities, politic leaders and general society this:

1. Provea just like others Human rights organizations of the country have insist in the fact that dialog made by democratic channels established in the constitution it is the way to solve differences between Venezuelans. Since 2002, at least we have repeated this call, belief that today we describe as urgent and necessary.

2. However, the dialog needs some requirements to be effective and minimum conditions to be an instrument to create an agreement of public politics and respect of human rights. In Provea’s opinion these conditions are:

a) The acknowledgement of the politic legitimacy from the two main actors.

b) Use of a tolerant and respectful language to talk about opposite politics.

c) The immediate and unconditional liberation of the people who have been arrested for being part of the pacific protest and suspension of trials for practice it right to the pacific protest.

d) The transmission of clear messages by the government to delegate to the Public Ministry the militaries and police officers supposedly involved in some of the cases of the protesters murdered in the last few days.

e) The spreading of clear messages by the government about the application of the Special law to prevent and penalize torture and other cruel, inhuman or humiliating treatments to militaries and police officers that has repeated crimes penalized by this rule.

f) The clear expression without hesitate of the politic enthusiasm to contribute with investigation and sanctions of complaints about violations of human rights in the country in a transparent and clear way.

g) The administrative sanction or the removal of civil servants in high positions that has exceed their functions and has made advanced opinions or sentence about the murdered and wounded people responsibilities in the protests without a penal or criminology investigation that support their testimonies.

h) The sentence to paramilitary groups that has been acting with total impunity collaborating with the repression of the protesters and clear signals of investigation and sanction from the crimes done in the protests.

i) The promotion and implementation of a dialog mechanism, such as a National Conference that includes politic leaders and the social actors of the country: workers, professors, universities students, social missions’ beneficiaries and popular activists of different places. The country needs a social dialog that includes public politics about the human rights that comes from a big agreement.

j) The incorporation of a dialog agenda with essential aspects that affects most of the population such as: insecurity, inflation and scarcity.

k) The request of participation as intermediaries of organizations such as the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights, UNASUR and the block regional Mercosur.

l) A call loud and clear of the political leadership of the opposition against those in different parts of the country that are determined to keep outbreaks of violence

While the previous conditions doesn’t accomplish, Provea considers very difficult to get a long-lasting and positive results that afford compromise with politic and social factors to keep pacific coexistence, democratic solution to the conflicts and design public politics agreements to face the serious problems that affects Venezuelan family. 

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