Foto: Gustavo Rodríguez / Últimas Noticias
Foto: Gustavo Rodríguez / Últimas Noticias

The Venezuelan Program of Education-Action in Human Rights , think that the main responsability of the violence in protests goes to the government.

Because of the blocking and repression during pacific protest, the fact that they aren’t recognizing excess from the Bolivarian National Guard and the Bolivarian National Police, giving contradictory messages about the investigation and sanction in the cases of murders, injury, baseless arrests, torture and maltreatment and when it tolerates and motivates the actions of paramilitary groups, convocating the population to confront protests, the government of the President Nicolas Maduro it’s the main responsible from violent incidents that had happened in the country.

However when political and social leaders doesn’t condemn them without hesitate, they have some kind of responsability in the violence focus that have been registered in different cities of the country.

The absence of announcements to separate people that has fall for violence facts, who has standing to the edge of the guaranties that protects the right of protesting in the country, can be interpretated like a consignature to practice violence.

Civic protest and any other process to solve antagonisms and guide civic demands must follow the constitution.

Provea demands to group of politic actors to give messages that help to reduce the levels of the confrontation inviting people to require their complaints without violence and by a pacific protest.

Once again we reiterate our requirement to the government to guarantee the right to the pacific protest. Provea saw in the morning of March 10th of 2014 the Bolivarian National Guard blocking the parade organized by the health guild and that is a violation of the right to protest that is a guarantee in the constitution.

Denying this right the government stimulates the fact that the citizens express it disagree and demands in front of the public power by violence focus.

Finally, Provea demands to stop the use of fire arms and toxic gases to confront protesters and also the immediate and inconditional liberation of the people that have been victims of arbitrary detentions in the protests.

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